You probably know me as either the webmap guy, the person who hosts para, or the one who hosts the diffbots. Regardless of which, this is my donations page. I fully intend to keep providing all of this as a free service, but if you wish to help out with the running costs for the webmap and the diffbots, here is where you can do that should you choose to.

Important: Donations here and donations to ParadiseSS13 are entirely separate. Donations to Paradise support the server upkeep there and not me directly. Likewise, donations here do not support Paradise, they support me as a person. If you want to support the server upkeep of Paradise, do it on their Patreon. If you want to support the webmap, the diffbots, or me as a person, do it on this page.


Support me monthly with any amount you want from $1 upwards.


Give one time donations from £3 upwards, tips jar style.

Note: Ko-Fi does donations directly, meaning that your paypal name and email will be on the statement. While I am the only one who can see this, you have been warned if you wish for full privacy.

Patreon Supporters

Table covers people with an active pledge, sorted by amount.

Name Amount (USD) Since
Person$4.202023-08-28 20:45:20
Torque Daisy$3.002023-08-29 18:22:33
Caleb$1.002023-08-30 18:34:30
StealthCT $1.002023-08-29 22:15:45
yelah$1.002023-08-28 12:35:02

Ko-Fi Donations

Table covers all donations made in the past year, sorted by date.

Name Date Amount (GBP)
SynthTee2024-04-13 15:44:15£10.00
MattTheFicus2024-04-13 15:41:37£50.00
Kot2024-04-06 20:12:29£10.00
Sirryan2023-12-25 17:25:32£25.00
alert('aa07 smells')2023-09-26 20:37:02£82.00
sophox2023-09-26 20:31:27£81.00
Doc2023-09-02 21:08:50£80.00
capybaba2023-08-30 18:38:11£15.00
Mirvra2023-08-30 18:38:01£6.00
mochi2023-08-29 22:27:47£6.00
StealthCT (Stealthii)2023-08-29 22:19:00£50.00
Onyxarias2023-08-29 22:16:16£13.00
mimosa2023-08-29 22:12:58£50.00
warriorstar2023-08-29 21:21:43£6.00
Luc2023-08-29 21:07:22£9.00
kaylen2023-08-29 21:07:00£5.00
Lumi2023-08-15 18:08:00£5.00
Kitty2023-08-15 11:19:00£3.00